Sunshine Open Solutions is a Hanoi-based International web development and design agency, developing cutting-edge standards-based websites, design and web applications for clients all over the world. With over 30 years of combined experience in graphic and web design, custom application development, web server optimization and now mobile applications.

We help your organization build a successful online presence, streamline your business, and enhance your visual identity with creation of effective designs and concepts for your company.

“ Stay busy with what you do best, and let us handle your project ! ”

TOM (web plumber)

Tom Lancaster, our web application specialist, has more than a decade of experience in combining all three layers to make compelling web applications.

If you’ve got a great business idea Tom can help you make it into an Internet phenomenon, translating your business logic and workflows into a high-performance web application with rich interactivity that will attract customers and keep them on your site.

In recent years Tom has created successful community reviews site and interactive construction site management site

In the past Tom managed the very-high-volume, a site receiving more than a million hits a day.

Julie (graphic engineer)

With a full understanding of “how design works” Julie creates a spectrum of the most dynamic professional design solutions, that are right for any particular need.

From corporate branding, presentations, brochures, signage, and many other creative advertising materials, the focus is on your requirements.

Julie’s enthusiasm and savviness has also contributed in the success of many major local and international brands.

Julie’s innovative, original artistry and her balance in the technicality of graphic design, is her trade mark and the aim to your success.

Julien (web manipulator)

Julien, our web designer started his web experience with Flash and ActionScript 7 years ago and added XHTML, CSS and JavaScript to his toolbox.

Also designing web GUI, Julien is always pushing for usability and standards compliance in order to provide the best experience for site users.

With lots of experience in building website using CMS (Content Management System) Joomla!, Julien has the ability to turn any design or simple site into an efficient system allowing multiple users to work simultaneously on a website.


Mobile Development.

With extensive experience in iOS synchronisation, we can turn your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch into a robust business and working tool.

Simple one-way server interaction, Synchronisation mobile device/server, GPS Geolocation driven application, Graphic User Interface (GUI) design, Push notification, iOS and Joomla! integration...

Graphic Design.

Sunshine Open Solutions brings “New life to your reality”, by creating an array of exciting, eye-catching and most importantly, relevant graphic design. We provide clients with top quality graphic design services by providing creative design solutions for a wide range of graphic design needs.
Sunshine Open Solutions work’s to your brief in the creation of effective designs and concepts for your company. The more we get to know you and how you want to be identified, the better your target will respond to our design.

Brand & identity, Logo design & reproduction, Stationary design, Corporate presentation, Brochure design, Signage design...

Web design/development.

Sunshine Open Solutions strives to develop and produce websites, giving your organization the best presence in the world wide web. With many scripting languages and tricks in our toolbox, we always choose the best technology for your projects. Our expertise in the wide spectra of softwares and systems, help us to convert nearly anything for your website needs.
Whether you are looking at revamping your existing website, convert/install a template you purchased, building complex custom database; or simply design your entire website from the ground up, Sunshine Open Solutions is here to code your world.

Website design, Custom web application, GUI design, E-commerce, template conversion...


If you haven’t heard about Content Management System and Joomla!, you can learn more reading

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